StreamBreak Launcher


Step 1 - Download

First download the StreamBreak Launcher, start the application and login with the streaming account of your choice: Twitch or Mixer.

Download StreamBreak.exe

NOTE: It's possible that Windows prevents StreamBreak to start, because our app is not signed with a code signing certificate. If you see the following screen, please select "More info" and press "Run anyway" to install and start SteamBreak.

Windows warning window

Step 2 - Prepare your stream



Step 3 - Share your screen

Choose from the collection of minigames which are listed in the StreamBreak Launcher and press "Play".

Embedding StreamBreak in your livestream works just as other games and is therefore possible with any broadcasting software of your choice.


Scene setup

Ensure that the game window is fullscreen in your broadcasting software. Don't worry, you can still overlay your frames and notifications.

Stream resolution

Use a game resolution with an aspect ratio 16:9 (e.g. 1920x1080 or 1280x720) since StreamBreak depends on the coordinates of viewer clicks.

Blocking extensions (Twitch only)

Other extensions might overlap the StreamBreak extension and therefore block interactions. You may want to advise your viewers to hide the overlapping extensions during play sessions.


In case of issues, questions or feedback - please get in touch via email or just join our discord :) We are happy to support you.