Our Creations

StreamBreak Games

StreamBreak offers minigames that can be played together by an entire live stream audience. Viewers can play with streamers or on their own during breaks.

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Viewertown City

Viewer Town

Viewer Town generates a 3D town based on your stream community. Every active follower, subscriber and moderator receives a house and a character.

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House and Character

Fireworks @LudeCat 10

Fireworks is a game for the local live audience of an esports event. Everybody on site can join via their smartphone. Fireworks was played at the LudeCat 10 event with over 200 players participating in the game simultaneously.

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Viewer Badges

MVV (Twitch Extension)

Let your viewers vote the Most Valuable Viewer by upvoting other active viewers right on your stream! Viewers will be preselected based on their actions and the audience can then vote.

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House and Character